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How To Trade

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1. Registration

Submit KYC documentations and select your preferred chat app

2. Trade Chat

After your account is approved, a trade chat will be created

3. Start Trading

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Please visit FAQ for our Trade Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurreny and fiat currency do you support?2019-11-03T06:25:25+00:00

We support over 20+ cryptocurrencies and USD, RMB, HKD

How to safely store your bitcoin?2019-11-20T07:36:08+00:00

You can store your bitcoins in a hot or cold wallet.

We highly recommend storing your bitcoin in a cold wallet. You can purchase a cold wallet from Ledger.

Please refer to this guide for more information.


What is the minimum trade volume?2019-11-03T15:27:32+00:00

Our minimum trade volume is US$5,000 or equivalent. For any volume lower than US$5,000 or equivalent, a bank deposit/withdrawal fee may apply.

Is there a deposit or withdrawal fee?2019-11-03T15:29:52+00:00

No. We do not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee.

Who pays for the network fees?2019-11-03T15:32:45+00:00

For a buy order, the buyer shall receive the full purchased amount of cryptocurrencies. For a sell order, we will trade based on the exact amount of cryptocurrencies received.

How do I get verified?2019-11-03T16:10:22+00:00

To comply with Anti-Money Laundry policy, we are required to verify the identity of our clients. The client must provide the followings:

  1. Identification documentation,
  2. Proof of address (Issued in within recent 3 months)
  3. Complete questionnaire on the source of funds
What is your trade flow?2019-11-03T16:41:36+00:00

Once trade chat is set up between you and our trader, you can initiate a trade with the following steps:

  1. Deposit fiat into Prudenze bank account (Please ask the trader for bank wire instructions) or send cryptocurrency to Prudenze designated address (Please ask the trader for the corresponding cryptocurrency address)
  2. Prudenze confirm receipt of fiat or cryptocurrency
  3. Message to request for quotation for buy/sell
  4. Reply “OK” to confirm the price
  5. Trade confirmation will be sent to your email
  6. You can decide to keep the fiat in our bank for future trade or withdrawal it. Cryptocurrency will be sent to your address.
What is Prudenze trading hours?2020-01-10T19:36:53+00:00

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 6:00 pm


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Telegram: PrudenzeOTC
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